Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 13, 2018

Savvy Parrot respects the privacy of our customers. Our intention is to provide a safe and secure environment for the users of our suite of apps for mobile tablets, our website, and digital communications.

  1. About Us: Savvy Parrot does business as a partnership organized in Raleigh, North Carolina, under the name “Savvy Parrot Partners” (SPP).

  2. Our Products and Services: Since its launch in 2009, SPP has:
    • Created and tested a social-emotional learning curriculum (Adventures on Pepi’s Island), a companion social skills assessment instrument (the PASS - Pepi Assessment of Social Skills), and other supporting materials.
    • Developed a suite of interactive apps to deliver the curriculum and the PASS via mobile tablets.
    • Collaborated with major app stores to distribute the mobile apps, including Apple (iTunes Store), Amazon (Amazon App Store), and Google (Google Play App Store).
    • Published a website ( to provide information about SPP, our products and services, and links to our app distribution partners. The website also provides a way to help us build the “Pepi Community” and to periodically provide content of interest to members of this community.

  3. App Privacy
    • Our apps are designed to be downloaded to appropriate mobile tablet platforms through the services of third party app store providers, under the Terms of Use of those providers, including their policies about user data collection and privacy.
    • Once downloaded, our apps are designed to collect data on the user’s tablet in support of the functions of the apps. No individual user data is transmitted to or collected by SPP for any reason.
    • The app store distributors of our apps, subject to their Terms of Use polices, generally provide information to SPP in the form of non-identifying user analytics. This information is intended to help us, as an app developer, to deliver our end users a quality experience, to improve our app features and content, and to manage and market our apps.

  4. Child Users
    • The Adventures on Pepi’s Island game-based curriculum apps are intended to be used by elementary age children working with a parent or other appropriate adult mentor. While we assume adult supervision of app users, we do not provide in-app purchases or advertisements within the apps. When a user (Player) is set-up within the apps, only their first name is entered and this information is not collected outside the app.
    • The parent / mentor is an important part of the functionality of SPP’s apps because we intend for them to be engaged in rating some of their child’s answers and in discussing the content and responses with their child as they address social interactions at home, at school, with friends, and in the community. The apps help the parent to establish communication about topics that they might not otherwise have an opportunity to discuss with their child.

  1. Website Privacy
    • Visitors to our website have the opportunity to “sign-up” to be added to the SPP contact list so that we may provide information that the “Pepi Community” may be interested in receiving. We use third party Customer Resource Management (CRM) software for the sign-up process, and respect the privacy of those who choose to join our contact list. We will not provide this contact information to any third party for any use and will make every reasonable effort to protect this information and the privacy of our community members.
    • Unsubscribing - You may indicate a preference to stop receiving further communications from us by electing to “unsubscribe” with a request to We will use commercially reasonable efforts to honor your request as soon as possible.
    • Our website is published through a third party hosting provider (currently GoDaddy) and this vendor provides information to SPP in the form of non-identifying user analytics. Similar information may be provided by other third party browser and internet service providers.
    • Security - We make reasonable administrative, physical, and technological efforts to maintain the security of personal contact information, but we are not able to eliminate all security risks or potential breaches. As has been noted, we use third party applications, website hosting, and app distribution services from reputable vendors. We have no control over, and cannot be responsible for, the operations or content of these outside services. This Privacy Policy does not govern your visits to these other services, and your access to them is entirely at your own risk. These other services and applications may set their own cookies on users, collect data, or solicit personal information. You should refer to any privacy policies on such services and applications to understand how your information may be collected and used, and should choose appropriate settings for sharing your personal information with such third party services or applications.