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Parent Testimonials

“ Great resource for parents and kids! Our children have benefitted greatly from instruction about social cues, and I know others would too. This program is spot on.”
Mother of 7 and 9 year-old girls

“ My child is happier at recess! Happy child means happy mom. I can recommend this program to every parent!”
Mother of 8 year-old boy

“I think it has improved our relationship and fostered a sense of trust with me.”
Father of an 8 year-old ADHD boy

“She doesn’t have as many melt-downs.”
Mother of 7 year-old ADHD girl

“He feels empowered about bullies. His recent report card shows him improved in almost all social areas.”
Mother of a 10 year-old Asperger’s boy

“She is totally enthusiastic and loves it ! Time spent together has definitely been positive.”
Father of a 9 year-old Asperger’s girl

“The program opened up discussion on topics I didn’t know my child was dealing with at
school. It gives the parent tools to help the child and gives the child tools to use in situations.”

Mother of an 8 year-old boy

“It helps give the parent insight into how the child thinks on these topics and situations.”
Mother of a 9 year-old boy

“He is good with initiating friendships, but not with long-term maintenance of friendships, and exercises that developed these skills were most helpful.”
Father of 9 year-old ADHD boy

“The program is good for all kids. It should be included as required social-emotional
education in schools.”

Mother of 12 year-old Asperger’s boy

Child Testimonials

“I learned how to stop and think and work out problems.”
7 year-old ADHD girl

“I learned that I am special and no one is just like me.”
8 year-old bullied girl

“Last year it seemed that everyone in my class disliked me but now it is different. I learned how to handle bullies better.”
10 year-old Asperger’s boy

“I think the program is amazing and I wouldn’t change a single thing.”
11 year-old ADHD girl

“Detective Dog taught me how to problem solve.”
12 year-old Asperger’s boy

“I liked all the characters and their amazing voices. I like it when I learn and have fun at
the same time. I learned a lot about myself.”

9 year-old socially anxious boy